2023 Vendor Rules & Regulations - Non Food 

Vending Fees

  • There will be a fee to participate in events hosted by the Wagoner Foundation. This fee is determined by event.

  • The Wagoner Foundation will determine whether or not vendors will be self-contained depending on the vendors setup.

  • The fee is paid directly to the Wagoner Foundation. The space cannot be sublet, subleased or otherwise resold to another vendor.

  • All fees must be made paid to the Wagoner Foundation by check or credit card ( 3% Processing Fee) at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the event.

  • Each participant is responsible for providing trash bins and bags for trash disposal within the vending space. The City will provide trash collection.

  • The Wagoner Foundation is not responsible for lost products or merchandise due to inclement weather or other acts out of our control.

  • No refunds will be issued.

Vending Rules & Regulations

  1. No roaming vendors will be permitted, unless otherwise approved by the Special Events Manager prior to the event.

  2. Please be aware that the City of Jacksonville Fire Department will inspect your booth/area.

  3. Vendor shall obtain all required permits, licenses or approvals and shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable to their activities related to this event. Vendor must furnish copies of all required permits, licenses or approvals for vending.

  4. Vendor will sell products directly to event consumers. Vendor must furnish their own cash banks and credit card processing systems. Vendor shall be responsible for reporting and paying any applicable sales tax on their sales.

  5. Vendors are not permitted to sell beverages unless approved within your agreement. The sale of alcoholic beverages by a vendor is never permitted.

  6. Many events are scheduled to be open as a rain or shine event, unless lightning is spotted in which outdoor activities will be suspended for 30 minutes from the time of the last strike. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather.

  7. All booths, carts and trucks must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste and in the best interest of the event and the public. The Wagoner Foundation reserves the right to prohibit or restrict Vendor determined to be objectionable due to noise, method of operation, materials or any other reason. In the event that The Wagoner Foundation restricts or prohibits Vendor, no refund of Vendor Fee or other expenses will be issued. Carnival tactics, the use of public address systems or other similar activities are not permitted. The Wagoner Foundation does not guarantee exclusivity of products sold. Vendor may not sublease, license or allow the use of any portion of their vendor space to a third party. The sale of beverages is strictly licensed and controlled through The Wagoner Foundation. No sale of beverages by vendors will be permitted.

  8. Except for medical service animals, animals are not permitted to be present in vendor booths.

  9. The Wagoner Foundation will provide limited roving security. Vendor is solely responsible for the security of Vendor’s area, products and property.

  10. The Wagoner Foundation will assign vendor locations prior to the event. There is no assignment priority given to vendors and vendors may not select their space. The Wagoner Foundation reserves the right to make modifications to the assigned vendor locations in its sole and absolute discretion. No vendor may obstruct another vendor or impede other vendors operation or space.

  11. Vendors must be open to the general public during all mandatory event hours. 

  12. The Wagoner Foundation will provide electrical connections for vendor equipment at a additional fee depending on requirements. All electrical needs must be listed within the agreement. Extension cords will not be provided by the City or our foundation.

  13. You must bring your own water supply as well as liquid soap, paper towels, and any other items to wash. The Wagoner Foundation will NOT provide potable water unless approved in advance.

  14. Illegal vehicle, trailer, or RV parking is subject to any towing regulations enforced through the City of Jacksonville.  The Wagoner Foundation will not be responsible for any loss or towing fees incurred by the vendor’s negligence.

  15. The event committee will review applications. If multiple vendors apply to sell the same products the most appropriate vendor will be accepted. Remember, we are always looking for unique vendors who offer multiple options to create a great experience for attendees.